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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December 2020 News

As the colder weather takes hold and our virus numbers tick up, we in VT seem to be socially-distanced (physically, anyway) more than ever right now. The need to stay creatively connected is crucial. For many, the silver lining has been having a chance to work diligently in the studio without as many of the usual interruptions. Perhaps you have taken advantage of this time to attend an online workshop or have discovered (or are developing) a new process that you'd like to share? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

Don't forget, this blog is a forum for helping us to remain connected and for sharing our experiences along the way. We'd all love to hear what's inspiring you

Deadline for submissions is one week prior to the last day of each month.

Of Note

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Knit Democracy Together (maquette) ©2020

Have you participated in one of Eve Jacobs-Carnahan's Knit Democracy Together knitting circles?  If not,  you will want to check out the progress she is making with her ongoing project to bring greater awareness to campaign finance reform. Eve is creating a positive model of democracy, both literally and figuratively. And you can help!

There are several ways to learn more. Visit Eve's Knit Democracy Together website, read the recent SDA blogpost describing Eve's endeavor, or listen to Eve discuss the project with Alyson Stanfield on her Art Biz Podcast, episode #64.

On View

For those of you who may not have made it to see The Sheltering in Place project at the Highland Center for the Arts last summer, you can now view a short video of the exhibition. It conveys the extraordinary nature of the experience and is a work of art in and of itself. Created by Hasso Ewing (who conceived of and organized the SiP project), her husband Bob Hannan, and son Seamus Hannan, it includes the work of members Dianne Shullenberger and Elizabeth Fram.

The Cultural Center of Cape Cod holds international exhibitions in both online and in-person galleries. Elizabeth Fram's piece "Caught Red-Handed" can now be viewed as part of their online show Wild Things, which pays homage to essence of power, vulnerability, and instinct that is intrinsic to the animal kingdom.

Monday, November 2, 2020

November 2020 News

On View

As I write this, 2" of snow have built up in our yard and the wind is blowing sideways past my window. With gardens put to bed and chilly winds making the studio seem even more attractive than usual, the creative season is now upon us.


What better way to welcome this time of renewed creativity than with Mandatory Color, the SDA juried members' exhibit.  You can enjoy the full exhibition online. Congrats to our area reps, Roz Daniels and Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, both of whom have work included.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 2020 News

Despite the pandemic's restrictions, it's heartening to see that exhibitions are carrying on across the country, and that our Vermont members are actively pursuing them. This month we are represented in shows near and far, both in-person and on-line.

Editor's note: To keep this volunteer effort more manageable time-wise, I will no longer be including links to members' websites in the body of these notices. They are easily accessible in the sidebar to the right. Thank you.

On View

Art at the Kent has moved outside this year with a selection of outdoor works that explore historic trades and technology in new and surprising ways. Eve Jacobs-Carnahan's sculpture Energy stands outside the Kent Museum in Calais, VT as part of the exhibition. Using bright yellow yarn, Eve knit a lace cover for the lantern on the lamppost by the doorway of the historic tavern. The lace depicts old and new power sources for lighting. The outline of a wind turbine graces the knitted panels in a nod to the innovators of the Smith-Putnam turbine erected in 1941 on Granpa's Knob in Castleton, VT. Learn more about the artwork and the wind turbine: here.

Hindsight 20/20

Jacobs-Carnahan Energy
Energy by Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

September 11 - at least October 11, 2020
7 Old West Church Rd
Calais, VT

The work of eight Vermont SDA Members: Judy Dales, Rosalind Daniels, Elizabeth Fram, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Almuth Palinkas, Leslie Roth, Dianne Shullenberger, and Sharon Webster is included in an exhibition that was conceived of by Leslie, and which speaks to the diverse aspects of life during COVID. The emotional power of the work is amplified by its historic gallery setting.


September 24 - October 24, 2020
317 Howard Ave.
Waterbury Center, VT
Gallery showings by appointment with at least 24 hour notice

2020 South End Art Hop 

The South End Art Hop went largely virtual this year. Sharon Webster and Elizabeth Fram both participated in the annual Juried Show. View the exhibit and read the juror's statement online (for an unspecified amount of time). The exciting news is that a textile piece captured First Place!

Also, you can see several of Leslie Roth's sculptures in-person at SPACE Gallery, one of the Art Hop's in-person venues.

6' of Separation

Safer Than a Human, detail by Leslie Roth

Until October 17, 2020
266 Pine Street
Burlington, VT
Hours: Thurs - Saturday, 12-5, and by appointment

Rosalind Daniels is celebrating the upside of online exhibiting: no shipping! Her piece Self-Portrait in Blue will be on view virtually in

Who Are You

Self Portrait in Blue by Rosalind Daniels

October 10 - November 24, 2020

Rosalind Daniels and Eve Jacobs-Carnahan each have work in the upcoming SDA exhibition Mandatory Color at the Museum of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. It is scheduled to run from October 3 to December 6, 2020 and examines the use of color as a response to world-wide social distancing and quarantine.

Splattered by Rosalind Daniels

This piece represents Roz's protest against gun violence and the colors that follow violent acts.

Water's Edge by Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

Eve's piece Water's Edge embodies the precarious feelings of the early months of the pandemic. The sculpture of a brown and gray duck mirrors the colors of early March and her mood at the time. The duck stands, a little off kilter, at the edge between water and tangled vegetation. Its expression is indecipherable, its call unheard. Eve says she felt a similar unease this spring as the world felt vulnerable standing on the edge of the unknown.

Of Note

Finally, for your reading pleasure: 
Suzanne Loker sent in this link to the NPR article "If You Have To Wear A Mask, It Might As Well Be A Masterpiece".


Monday, August 31, 2020

September News 2020

Call For Entry


Across Roads Center for the Arts with The Grange Hall Cultural Center presents "Dwell", a curated exhibition conceived in collaboration with Leslie Roth, about and in appreciation of the landscapes we inhabit during these challenging times (internal and external: real, imagined or allegorical). Submissions are sought that express and interpret your experience - whether positive or negative - in relation to this theme. To learn more, visit The Grange Hall Cultural Center website

All art forms will be considered. There is no fee to submit.  Deadline: September 6, 2020

Click here for Perspectus and application.


Eve Jacobs-Carnahan would like to invite you to another of her Knit Democracy Together knitting circles on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7-8:30 pm. The event will be part of Vermont Humanities Fall Conference which is free and online this year.

Eve writes: "At the Knit Democracy Together knitting circle, we'll discuss ways to change the way candidates finance their election campaigns. By changing where elected officials get their money, we can give them incentives to listen to a broader constituency. This translates into laws and policies that support the whole community. We'll knit too, though you don't have to be a knitter to participate. I've got instructions for making a finger cord if you prefer, or just come for the discussion."

More information and to sign up.

Member Sharon Webster will be exhibiting one of her thought-provoking pieces during Art Hop this year.

Handed Down
24 x 53 x 2 inches
mixed media: mother's gloves, yarn chords, threads and needles, rope mounted on painted boards

Exhibited as part of the 2020 South End Art Hop, 9/11 - 12 - 13
and from September until November 15
431 Pine Street
Burlington VT
Check Seaba website for instructions for viewing during Art Hop. They will be posted in early September.

Virtual Member Exhibition

Thank you to Marya Lowe for contributing to our ongoing virtual gallery with the following story about her piece "Glowing Cabins".

Glowing Cabins
Glowing Cabins by Marya Lowe

"I saw a picture in an airline magazine (back when we could safely fly somewhere!) of a new hotel in the American southwest, in which each "room" was actually a cement pod, positioned so as not to be viewable by anyone else from their pod. What struck me was the color combination of gray and glowing yellow. So while I was on vacation, I crafted several log cabin blocks to capture that sense of a warm glow coming out of a great surround. Once home, a backdrop was added to set off the colors. I showed a picture of the in-process quilt to a friend, who recalled her senior class trip to the 1967 Expo in Montreal and seeing the newly built "Habitat 67" community on one of the islands in the St. Lawrence River. Based on that happy memory, she immediately purchased the quilt!"

In other news from Marya, she has just launched a newsletter in which she plans to write monthly about her activities behind the scenes in her art quilting studio. If you'd like to be added to her subscriber list, email Marya at She will add you to her mailing list and send you the first "episode". 

Monday, August 3, 2020

August 2020 Addendum

Many thanks to Suzanne Loker for immediately stepping up to the plate with news for our blog...

I won't usually post twice in a month, but this event is time sensitive and, if you're in the area, you will want to see this safe and colorful exhibition!

Masks on the Line

A public art installation in downtown Middlebury that symbolizes community spirit and commitment to healthy behaviors.
August 1 - 31, 2020
Middlebury, VT

The Sewing for Change group, led by Bethany Barry, invites you to a walking tour of downtown Middlebury to view "Masks on the Line".

Originally founded to sew reusable bags to give away at local stores, in order to help with the transition to the July 1, 2020 Vermont regulation to eliminate plastic bags, the group sewed and distributed over 1000 bags.

Suzanne (on the left) assists with the installation

When the COVID-19 pandemic created a necessity for cloth masks, Sewing for Change began sewing masks for individuals, and particularly for organizations and residences that serve elderly, low income, and essential services. They made over 800 masks.

As the pandemic continued, a public art installation was envisioned. 

Friday, July 31, 2020

August 2020 News

Ideas Please...

With exhibitions having slowed, and the new reality of living in a COVID-19 world having taken root, news for this blog has pretty much dried up. I need suggestions for how to proceed.  As members, what does this blog mean to you and what would you like to see here?

I still think that this space could become a virtual gallery where members share their work, even if it isn't headed to an exhibition. It could also become a virtual bulletin board for sharing resources or information on techniques, websites, or books of interest. You might consider being the "blogger for the month", writing about something that is of particular interest to you and which you think would be valuable to other members (I would assist with uploading). 

In order to keep this entity going, I need your help coming up with content. I warmly welcome your suggestions and contributions ( 

I know many of you are getting a lot of work done in your studios this summer, and others are struggling to find a work pattern in this time of new normal.

Austin Kleon is an author who draws. His books are the proverbial shot in the arm we all need from time to time, regardless of medium or how well things are progressing in the studio.

Written in 2019, his book Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad is a quick and grounding read, perfect for this time. It will give you a boost no matter whether you're cranking out the work or just feeling cranky.

Enjoy this beautiful month of July in Vermont!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

July 2020 News

As the pandemic wears on, don't forget to look to SDA as a wellspring of artistic community and resources, locally, nationally, and internationally. I think it's safe to say that, especially now, we could all use a measure of relief during this time of relative isolation. Remaining creative and connected beyond our own studios can be part of the answer. Take advantage of what SDA offers for a creative boost; keep your eyes peeled to the website for ongoing calls for entry, blog articles, networking opportunities, and inspiration.

For those of us who enjoy adding to our textile libraries, the SDA Book Club, a relatively new arm of the SDA Blog, has had some compelling suggestions. If you are interested in natural dyes, this month's review of Keith Recker's True Colors: World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigments may be right up your alley. Read more about it.


Thank you to Jackie Abrams for alerting us to the fact that Global Textile Hub has issued a Call for Entry to textile artists for  "Re-imagined " A Collaboration With a Difference - Make the Ordinary Extraordinary, a non-acquisitive virtual exhibition that will open online in August of 2021. Note the Deadline for Expression of Interest (EOI)/ and payment of Entry Fee is September 1, 2020.

March 30, 2020 - Call for Entries - Online applications open for Expression of Interest (EOI)/payment of Entry Fee
Sept 1, 2020 - Close of EOI and payment of Entry Fee
April 30, 2021 - Submission Form and images of completed work to be submitted online
( A Dropbox link “Request for Files” will be sent to Entrants on receipt of payment)
August 11, 2021 - Online Gallery Exhibition Opening (to remain available online until March 2022)

For full details, see the Global Textile Hub "Re-imagined" page under Resources in right sidebar.


On July 18th, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan will be holding a free knitting circle at the Old Stone House Museum in Brownington, VT. This program is in conjunction with her Knitting Democracy Together project, which seeks to help people envision a positive model of democracy.
For full information and to pre-register

On View

Dianne Shullenberger and Elizabeth Fram each have pieces in the show "Sheltering in Place, in the time of COVID-19", opening July 1st at the Highland Center for the Arts in Greensboro.

An invitational exhibit, artists were asked to create a shelter that is a reflection of their time at home during this pandemic. Made from materials in and around their home, the pieces are nestled in a forest of red willow branches. A soundscape of original music will be interwoven with spoken haiku, written especially for this exhibition.

The on-site exhibition opens on July 1, 2020 with social distancing measures in place.
Full details will be available on the Highland Center for the Arts website (unfortunately not yet available when this was posted). Please check their site before making plans to visit.
Pre-registration for visit times is mandatory.