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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Learn Katazome in Vermont!

Pippa Drew wants to spread the word that there are just three spaces left in the "Katazome with Natural Dyes" class taught by renowned Katazome artist Akemi Nakano Cohn.

This workshop runs on August 7 - August 10, 2010 in Pippa's 1000 square foot Vermont Surface Design Studio, in Post Mills, VT.

Students will develop design ideas by observing objects in nature from the beautiful surroundings in Vermont. Using a unique Japanese paper(shibugami), these motifs will be cut into stencils for printing.

Rice paste (special bran & sweet rice flour) and soybean juice recipes, stencil cutting, application of natural mineral pigments and natural dyes (cooking to extract natural materials and mordant processes) will be instructed.

By using different mordants (e.g. alum, tannin, iron) a wide range of hues is created, and lovely colors and patterns begin to appear quite magically.

To learn more details about the class and Sign Up, visit her website

To see Akemi Cohn's beautiful work, visit her site here

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