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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet & Greet Wrap Up / Update

The first 2010 SDA Vermont Meet & Greet potluck at member Pippa Drew's home and studio, Vermont Surface Design, was a lot of Fun!

From left to right, meet Pippa Drew, Lisa Johnson, her daughters Bella and Hope busy drawing at the table, and Betsy Fram. (I'm not in the photo, but there in spirit :) )

We were a small and happy group that day, all agreeing how wonderful it was to just connect with other creative people. Thanks again so much to Pippa for hosting, it was tremendously inspiring and generous!

Pippa and her husband George have such a wonderful home, with beautiful art pieces collected from different times and places they've traveled to. The textiles and carved wood masks were so amazing! The gardens were bursting with color...I wish I'd taken photos of the garden, it is gorgeous, but I wasn't multi-tasking very well that day. :)

We were able to have a tour of George's guitar making workshop Vermont Instruments, where he creates amazing and beautiful instruments.

He also teaches intensive workshops throughout the year, where students can learn to build guitars, mandolin, banjo, ukelele, etc.....and he also hosts other instructors as well.

To learn more about his school, please visit the link!

We enjoyed a really yummy potluck photos again, but Martha Stewart would have been jealous!! Maybe we can post our recipes?

Pippa's studio, Vermont Surface Design, is an artists' dream! It's really wonderful. Lots of light, lots of space, great ventilation systems! One was over the dye mixing booth, and the others were over work table spaces for when she might be working with wax or other stuff you'd want the fumes taken outside. A very well-planned and inspiring space.

I hope you can check out Pippa's place sometime. She hosts workshops, bringing in talented instructors for great intensive classes. They can also provide comfortable and cozy housing for students who are coming a long distance, which is really wonderful and convenient. Do check out her link for upcoming classes, and if you're interested in getting on a mail list for future classes, get in touch with her through her website.

We talked about having a get together that would be more messy and a different kind of fun-- like a play date for makers. We'll let you all know what develops!

I also just have to thank Bella and Hope for reminding me how to make a paper cootie catcher (that's what we called them way back in the day when I was their age!)

Anyway, here's some shots of our show and tell:


  1. Keep me posted on another meeting when planned. Pippa sent the flyer for her last workshop, but already too busy to add another event for August. Thank you for being SDA in Vermont.

  2. Hi Maggie!
    I'm learning to reply here on the blog. It's so easy, don't know what took me so long!

    am going to email you about the Oct. meet to go see the State of Craft Exhibit. Maybe if you aren't busy you can join us!