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Monday, November 1, 2010

State of Craft reviewed in print and on VPR radio!

The October/November issue of American Craft Magazine features a really great review of the State of Craft Exhibit at Bennington Museum, written by Arlene Distler, who is a poet and arts writer based in Brattleboro, VT.

Here's an image of the spread, featuring prominently SDA Member
JoAnne Russo's piece "She's Come Unraveled":

Now I know this will be impossible to read, so click here for a link to American Craft Magazine's website and this wonderful article (big enough to read!)

And here's another thing to check out:
A couple weeks ago I was driving somewhere, and was excited to hear on Vermont Public Radio a wonderful review of the State of Craft Exhibit, which just closed yesterday.

Please click the link here to read and listen to Commentator Meg Ostrum's review, Hidden Treasures.

The review features comments on JoAnne's stunning piece in the exhibit, Congratulations to JoAnne!

****side note: I'd also caught an interview on VPR with Martha Fitch, Executive Director of the Vermont Crafts Council, however I can't find a link to it. If I find it, will post that as well, as it was a great interview and they touched upon many good topics.

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