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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SDA Vermont Members' Exhibit

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No Boundaries in Fiber ~ Surface Design Association Vermont Members Exhibit

August 6 ~ September 17, 2011

Rae Harrell Gallery
90 Mechanicsville Road
Hinesburg, VT 05461
Gallery Hours: Thursdays-Saturdays, and By Appointment, 802-482-4944

No Boundaries in Fiber, an exhibit of innovative textile art by nine Vermont Members of the Surface Design Association (SDA), will be featured at the Rae Harrell Gallery in Hinesburg. The exhibit will highlight the diversity of contemporary fiber art and the unique processes employed by each artist.

This exhibit is the first time these SDA Vermont artists are exhibiting their work together as a group. Exhibiting artists are Eve Jacobs-Carnahan (Montpelier), Judy B. Dales (Greensboro), Elizabeth Fram (Waterbury Center), Marilyn Gillis (Burlington), Rae Harrell (Hinesburg), Hillary Harrell (Hinesburg via Sante Fe), Karen Henderson (Montpelier), Mary Jane Russell (Charlotte), and Dianne Shullenberger (Jericho).

(Pictured Above: ‘One Mossy Stone’ by Elizabeth Fram. 29”h x 25.5”w. Photo credit: Elizabeth Fram.)

These artists are part of the continuum of the contemporary fiberart movement which is attracting notice nationwide. SDA’s Vermont chapter now has thirty members, having grown by a third in just the past year. The local group has a Vermont state Members’ Blog ( maintained by Montpelier member and VT area volunteer rep, Karen Henderson. “SDA has always been an inspiring group to be part of, and it’s been great to connect with each other here in Vermont. To showcase our talents in this exhibit and share our work with others is really exciting.”

“Many of the artists in this show have impressive exhibit histories. This is a great opportunity for Vermont art lovers to see dynamic fiberart that has been shown around the country,” says Eve Jacobs-Carnahan.

(Pictured Above: Detail of “Committee Process” by Eve Jacobs-Carnahan. “60”h x 25”w x 3”d. Photo credit: Paul Rogers Photography.)

During the show’s run in the gallery, there will be a rotating slide show that will give a glimpse into each artist’s process and inspiration. “Fiber and textile techniques have such a long and amazing history, and this show is an opportunity to see contemporary artists interpret these complex and beautiful mediums. The slide show will enlighten the viewer on how much goes into each piece of art shown here,” says Henderson. The show venue, The Rae Harrell Gallery, is owned and operated by Rae Harrell. “From my perspective as a gallery owner, it’s very important to represent these diverse mediums that are so tactile, innovative and interactive.”

(Pictured Above “Inner Voice 3” by Marilyn Gillis. 36”h x 24”w. Photo credit: James Barbour.)

Surface design refers to any process that gives structure, pattern, or color to fiber & fabric. These include spinning, felting, papermaking, weaving, knotting, knitting, netting, looping, dyeing, painting, stitching, cutting, piecing, printing, quilting, & embellishing.

The Surface Design Association is an international community engaged in the creative exploration of fiber and fabric. Its mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the textile arts. Through member-supported publications, exhibitions and conferences, they inspire creativity, encourage innovation, and advocate excellence. SDA currently has about four thousand members worldwide, who range from creators, educators, collectors, and curators dedicated to the art and practice of surface design. To learn more visit: Surface Design Association (

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