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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Local Project to assist Hurricane Sandy survivors

Community Project...helping survivors of Hurricane Sandy

Sandy project 004This info is from The Knitting Studio's Blog:

As you know, NYC and parts of NJ and CT were really hard hit by the recent storm.  Many people lost power and/or their vehicles, jobs, homes. It's incredible to think, as the sun shines here on just another day, how challenging it is right now for many folks in those areas to keep doing all the normal activities that make up a life.   Irene taught VT many lessons, and as much as we cared for those who were drastically and adversely impacted by the flooding last year, we'd like to show our care again and pass along a bit of help to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Let's provide a small assistance to people who are just trying to recover, clean up and survive.

With that said, The Knitting Studio in Montpelier, VT is collecting hand-crafted hats, mittens and scarves that they will send down to NY to be distributed to some of the people who have lost so much. We have had two requests for help. One comes from the yarn distributor Knitting Fever, located on Long Island. The other request is from two women who live, knit and blog in NYC. They are Brett Bara of the Manhattan Craft Room and Natalie Soud of A Dose of the Delightful. Check out their blog links.

Please bring down some great items to share with those who are trying to keep warm as the temperatures drop.   They'll be collecting from Nov. 14 through the Friday after Thanksgiving...that's the 23rd of this month. The need is now! 

Sandy project 003They've had a terrific response so far, and they thank everyone who has participated already.

So with an ahead of time thanks to anyone else who can come out and donate in this last week for the Project, here's where to bring your items:

The Knitting Studio
112 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05602

Mon-Fri 10-5:30
Sat 10-4
Tuesday Knit Night 6-8

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