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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yoga Flags Stolen - Please Help Find!

Have You Seen This Artwork???
You Can Help!

Seeking anyone with information who may have seen these flags:
(image: some of the variations-there are more colors on the full strands.
(image: close up of one flag)

Custom prayer flags made by Karen Henderson for Yoga On Church Street were stolen from Church Street Marketplace in Burlington,VT on Sat 8/10/13.

Marketplace staff hung these flags on Saturday by 2pm and by Sunday morning all that was left was the string they were strung on.
There were 2 long strands hung from light post to light post on the Upper Block of Church Street.  The flags are approx. 7"wide x 10"high each. There were 50 flags on each strand (100 flags total). The strands were approx 40 ft long each.

Anyone with with ANY information should contact or 802-318-5570
No one will be prosecuted.  We just want the flags back (anonymously is fine) for next year's event.

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