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Friday, February 14, 2014

Barely Hooked

(above image 'Guarding Marina' by Michelle Micarelli)

Rae Harrell of Hinesburg has published Barely Hooked, a unique book that reveals the very soul of the artists involved in the exhibit 'Barely Hooked ooh la la', held at The Rae Harrell Gallery.

The book celebrates rug hooking as a contemporary art medium by twenty-three artists. Each artist's perception of the nude is truthfully presented from the modest to the most humorous in a hooked rug. Self imagery is explored. These talented and brave women are giving a glimpse of their personal view of nudity, how they feel about their own bodies. 

(above image: 'Daphne' by Jule Marie Smith)

There is also an amazing VIDEO for Barely Hooked, produced by the talented Jay Stearns of handcrafted video. 

You can purchase the book, which includes the video, by clicking HERE.

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