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Monday, July 21, 2014

Collect and Connect: Creating Visual Journals

Jackie Abrams will be teaching an upcoming workshop:

Collect and Connect: Creating Visual Journals
Tuesday, September 9 – Friday, September 12, 2014

at the All Souls Unitarian Church
in West Brattleboro, Vermont

This is an experimental class, investigating both materials and techniques, and exploring the ways in which they can be assembled and combined.

Participants will construct with crocheting, coiling, twining, netting (looping), wrapping, stitching, random weave, and plaiting. Fabrics, sticks, shells, stones, seedpods, wires, metal pieces, plastic bags, and grasses are only some of the materials that may be incorporated. 

Jackie says: "This is your class. You can focus on completing one or more pieces, for the wall or tabletop, or create daily “samplers” that may or may not be put together into a larger piece. The possibilities are limited only by your interest and imagination!"

Workshop fee: $300 for all four days.
Contact: Jackie Abrams
802•257•2688  •

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