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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Textile Artists: Enrich Your Studio Practice

(Image: 'Gently Steaming" by Elizabeth W. Fram, from her 'Reclaim' series)

Elizabeth Fram of Waterbury Center has written an article featured online at FiberArt Now magazine.

She was inspired to write the piece in an effort to encourage others to consider seeking the benefits of an ongoing artistic conversation with a creative peer. It discusses the positive impact such a connection can have and that it has become one of her most valued tools when shereturnt to her studio to work.

"As artists, many of us spend the majority of our days alone in our studios. If you’re like me, you welcome the solitary hours to puzzle through the many stages of a piece as it evolves toward completion. But as much as I need that time to myself to let my ideas grow and develop on their own, I have come to realize that one of the greatest assets of my studio practice has been developing a trusted relationship with another artist.
In 2009, I fortuitously made the acquaintance of Dianne Shullenberger, another artist working with fiber....Click Here to read the complete article"

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