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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July News

Summer is finally here!

Marya Lowe's work will be featured in
Fiberworks: Converging Journeys 
August 4 - 31, 2015
Deborah Rawson Memorial Library
8 River Road
Jericho, Vermont  05465

Abstraction with Embellishments II                Marya Lowe
In a solo exhibit featuring 20 art quilts and fiberworks, the exhibited pieces witness Marya's emergence as an artist, trace her growth on several parallel journeys, and establish a voice as those paths begin to converge.

"Play of Light"
Please take a moment to enjoy the subtle and elegant colors in the detail image of Almuth Palinkas' lovely art textile "Play of Light" that now backs our blog header. A full image and informational details appear below.

Play of Light                                                    Almuth Palinkas

Moorman Technique (inlay)

Silk, cotton, metallic, mounted on linen ground

37 in H  x  34 in W

Statement:  The origin of this piece was one skein of hand-dyed silk yarn, which I purchased from the dyer.  I liked the skein just as it was, for itself.  To keep the colors as they were and to use them in a woven textile, I made the weaving the width of the skein and simply wove back and forth, row by row, until I had used it all.  The skein forms the bottom part of the textile.  The soft blending of the skein colors made me think of reflections in water.  This led to the choice of clear-edged shapes above the skein, the rectangles loosely repeating the color below.

Check out Almuth's website to see more of her work. 

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