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Thursday, April 30, 2020

May 2020 News

Let's Stay Connected

In an effort to maintain a sense of normalcy during these unusual times, welcome to our virtual Covid-19 online gallery! A huge thank you to all who submitted work. I hope more of you will join in next month, and of course those who contributed this time are welcome to send in something new for June. Details at the end of this post.

I have stepped out of the way to let quotes from each artist tell their story. Links to individual websites can be found in the sidebar to the right.

Please enjoy

Marya Lowe

"Deep Dish Fruit Pie" 19" x 15", ©Marya Lowe

"I'd like to submit a piece I've just finished. It's one from my new "Recipes from Heaven" series, highlighting wonderful recipes from ladies I've known who have passed away. If you go to my website, by clicking on any of these recipe pieces, you can get and print the full recipe."

Marya reports that she has been reading a lot and specifically mentioned The Art of Richard Diebenkorn and On Rue Tartin: Living and Cooking in a French Town. She adds, "I feel so lucky to have an entire armory of fabric up in my studio...throw a cup of tea and a cookie at me every now and then, I can probably go for months."

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

©Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

"Here's a photo of the heron I completed during the first month of physical distancing. It doesn't have a name yet. My decision to crochet strips of black rubber inner tubes was influenced by the grief I felt at the start of the Covid-19 isolation period. I am coping much better now as I reschedule or take my Knit Democracy Together knitting circles online. I am determined to carry out this community art project. You can read about it at"

Cari Clemmons

"Untitled" ©Cari Clement 

"This piece was initially inspired by the colors of the Southwest, especially the mesas, but it also has a bit of foreboding to it, brought on my stitching most of it while listening to the news my last couple weeks in FL.  ...It's photographed on my work surface, indicating it's still a work-in-progress."

Sharon Webster

"Oh SONG", ©Sharon Webster

"These images are from a piece I'm working on called "Oh SONG". I'm stitching words from a poem of mine onto sheer fabric. When finished, the word panels will be stitched onto the larger sculptural form supported by an old-fashioned drying rack. The poem and the piece are about the surprised, ephemeral kind of wonder that can happen when one is open to simple sensual pleasures."

Dianne Shullenberger

"Arcadia Marsh 2", ©Dianne Shullenberger 

"The Arcadia Marsh series is from a newly restored area (in Michigan) that has a boardwalk for 1-1/2 miles, handicapped access and informative signs about the vegetation and wildlife in the area. I documented scenes from various points along the boardwalk."

Elizabeth Fram

"Veiled Sister" detail,  24" x 18", ©Elizabeth Fram 

"This is a detail shot of a newly finished piece that was inspired by Hans Memling's 15th century portrait of Barbara Van Vlaenderberch. The work is a continuation of my exploration of the idea of 'hidden in plain sight'. Nuances, built up between dyed, stitched-resist patterns and an embroidered image that cycles through being lost within that pattern and then teased out again with over-stitching, form the basis for reflecting upon the idea of how easily one becomes lost (or is it protected?) within her environment." I have outlined the many-layered process in two blog posts: What's Your Story Morning Glory and Conquering Isolation.

It looks like it may be a while before before social distancing eases and things return to the way they were before everything closed down. With that in mind, let's keep the doors to our virtual Covid-19 gallery open.
For our June blog post, please email me ( an image of what you are working on or have finished during this period of isolation, along with a brief statement about the work. Please be sure to include title and dimensions.  Also, feel free to pass along any resources that you've enjoyed, found helpful, or just feel like recommending during this unusual time.
Please put "SDA COVID-19 Virtual Gallery" in the subject line. 
Deadline: Monday, May 25th. 

Stay safe everyone...

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