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Interview Questions and Guidelines

Hello SDA Vermont Members,

We are quite lucky here in Vermont to have such a vibrant and creative group of SDA members! However, due to geography and busy schedules, it’s a challenge for us all to meet in person. For a while now I have thought it would be nice if there were a way to become better acquainted with each other and the work that we make.

The most efficient way to accomplish this seems to be through our blog. I would like to add an interview component, where each member could have a page that would remain uploaded permanently, allowing blog visitors to get to know a bit more about the participants. This is not compulsory, but it should be a nice feature for those who are interested.

Jackie Abrams has generously offered to help me with this project, so we have been working together to devise the best format for making this happen without eating too heavily into anyone’s schedule. Outlined below are the general guidelines for submission, and below that are the interview questions that we feel would give a better understanding of you as an artist and the way in which you approach your work.

Thank you in advance if you decide to participate.
Warm regards,
Betsy Fram


1. The interview questions are below.
2. Your full responses are important but please be mindful of length. Suggested maximum length for each answer is around 75 - 100 words. We don’t want to severely limit you, but please keep in mind we may need to edit for length.
3. You do not have to answer each question.
4. Images of your work are very important! Please include 3-8 images. Detail images are welcome. Suggested image size: 72 resolution, 600 px high. Please be sure that your images are well-focused and are shot without distracting backgrounds.
5. Provide an image list that includes: Title, Dimensions (HxW), and Year, noting whether it is a detail or full shot. Please also include materials, techniques and photo credit.
6. There is no deadline. The interviews will be posted on the blog in the order in which we receive them (first come / first served).
7. Our goal is to add at least one new interview to the blog every quarter, but no more than 1 per month. I will be sure to add a highlight in the regular blog post whenever a new interview is uploaded. Please keep in mind that while we will work to upload each interview in as timely a way as possible, this is a volunteer effort.
8. If you are interested in participating, please follow this procedure:
    a. Copy the questions below into the body of an email, then fill in your answers written directly beneath each question in a contrasting color.
    b. Create an image list below the questions that describes the details for each image as outlined in #5 above.
    c. Be sure to include your website/blog address(es) and any desired contact info you would like published.
    d. Label each image with your last name and title (i.e. SMITH.TitleOfWork.jpg)
    e. Attach your images to your response email
    f. Emails should be addressed to Betsy Fram ( and Jackie Abrams ( ), with "SDA Interview" in the subject line

Interview Questions:

• Where do you live and work?• What is the link to your website and/or blog? If you are agreeable to being contacted, how would you prefer to be reached? Please provide that info.

• Tell us about your journey in art / as an artist.

• What spurred you to work with textiles / surface design?

• What most inspires your work?

• What is your favorite piece / technique, and why?

• Have you experienced a particular challenge or anything life-changing which has had a lasting influence on your practice?

• What books / blogs / documentaries have been especially meaningful to you, and
which ones would you recommend to others?

• Did we miss something? Please feel free to fill in the gaps if there is another aspect of your work that you would like to share.

Image List of 3 - 8 images, full shots and details welcome. 
Please include: Title, Dimensions (HxW), and Year, noting whether it is a detail or full shot. Please also include materials, techniques and photo credit.

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